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Mixed feelings || Natalie & Antonio


Finally, the boys let go of him and he could let them down on the ground, rolling his head until the vertebra cracked. Having two children clinging to his neck was nothing he was used to. In silence, he listened to the two women, not feeling the need or want to answer or say anything. Muffy was the more… laid back and not snappy sister though, and so he gave her a nod when she thanked him, her tone portraying that she was genuine with it. “It was no problem”, he finally said. So, Natalie’s family was moving to the states as well? Interesting… He wasn’t sure if he liked that thought.

And, soon enough, they were alone again. A shiver ran down Antonio’s arms. It was getting cold towards the evening. Still standing down at the street, he wrapped his arm around Natalie. “It is. Just the way I like it.” Yes, not feeding any ideas here. But still, even he had to admit it had been a nice day. “It was way better than expected. They are good boys. If you teach them how to kill, they might even turn into good adults.”

Natalie wrapped one arm around his body as well, pressing herself against him. It had been nice have her nephews, but she appreciated the silence that they were left in. It was nice to have the place filled with laughs and the boys’ voices, but there was nothing that Natalie liked more than the precious silence she could only get at the farm. She had mixed feelings about that. She liked the kids, she liked the silence, the time alone with Antonio… Well, in the end it would always come down to whatever he wanted.

The blonde chuckled as they started walking back to the house. She was glad he liked the kids there with them. It was even better than she expected. But of course she wouldn’t say anything. Natalie knew when it was time to tease and time to stay quiet, and right now it was the second. “They are Harts, my love. One way or another we always end up with a weapon in hands.” Not that she wanted that for her nephews, but who knew about the future? “Come on, let’s rest a little bit.”


But what if crushing doesn’t do the job?

Then you keep hitting until there’s nothing but broken bones under your feet. Very therapeutic.


Please, teach me your secrets. 

Just ignore them when you realize they are idiots. If they keep bothering you, crush them.


I like meeting new people. Not if they’re idiots though. Not a fan of those. 

Unfortunately there’s plenty of those here too, you have to know how to get around them.


Generally. Just kinda came from a long way. It’s interesting, to say the least. Not the city, but the people. 

That is true, there’s tons of interesting people around here. It’s good if you like to meet new people.


Allysin, pleasure. 

So, you’re new to Chicago? Liking it so far?


There are some topics you just can’t really joke about. 

You’re 100% right with that statement. Oh, I’m Natalie, nice to meet you.


The amount of douchebags who think they can get away with saying something like that disgust me.  

Exactly. As long as it is a joke, right? Disgusting.


I really want to, but I feel like it would spoil the show for me. 

Ah, I guess. So you’re not a big fan of spoilers, huh?