Ah, poor thing. If you need any tips on how to deal with cats I can help, I’m certified cat lady.

Well, if you know any tips on how to make her feel more comfortable for the next few hours that would help a ton! Cause I’m afraid to even go to sleep with her eyes getting all watered up :(

Wrap her in a blanket and give her warm milk if she is hungry. A good place to touch her is on her back, my cats like when I scratch their backs.


I know, it’s just I don’t know if I can keep her or not. I’ve never had a pet kitten before, so I’m new to caring for one. I’m hopefully going to get her an appointment at the vet though, because her eyes are infected I believe.

Ah, poor thing. If you need any tips on how to deal with cats I can help, I’m certified cat lady.


I found a stray kitten on the side of the road and I really couldn’t resist bringing it home.

You did the right thing.


Meanwhile I play with the thought of banning her from coming down in the basement when I train…

Why would do that to me?


So you’re looking out for his fitness and your needs as well…practical thinking ;)

Of course, I’m a practical woman.

Me while watching Antonio working out:

"Keep doing this, you look hot"

"Your arms look really strong, that looks hot"

"Have you ever thought about taking off your shirt while working out?"

Natalie, the best coach ever.

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Cat Lady Meets A Giant Cat || Jaguar+The Anvilette || Para


Not wanting to be in her full Jaguar form just yet, she simply phased enough to have fangs and Jaguar print covered skin as teeth sharpened and nails turned into sharp claws. As she turned around, she felt someone try to swing at her and she threw her hand out digging her claws into their neck and ripping their neck out clean with ease. Blood spurted onto her and she merely shook her head as she let the body fall to the floor as blood pooled around the body. She caught the scent of someone different, someone unfamiliar and she turned around to meet the other villain face to face.

A large grin came to her lips and she clapped her hands in glee. “My, my~! We finally meet face to face, a pleasure to meet you.” She bowed slightly before she waved a hand around a bit. “Impressive, a clean break and all. I applaud you, Anvilette.” She smiled slightly as she examined the dead man on the floor. Shaking her head, she could hear people whimpering and cowering in fear in different rooms.

Rolling her neck, she licked the blood from her claws before she glanced at the other female stopping as she dropped her hand to her side. “I started my fun new game on my own! But, it shall be twice as fun now! Especially if I step it up a notch or two!” She backed away from the female as she phased into her full form. “Much better~!” She spoke in a slightly different voice. One that sounded a little more deadly and vicious than the other voice. Turning her head to glance at her partner, she nodded slightly. “Shall we?” She asked as she glanced at her carefully.

The blonde smiled when she saw the dead body on the ground. Jaguar really had some style. “Let’s go!” She said as the two started walking side by side. She didn’t need to ask Jaguar what was going on there, just by focusing the blonde could sense other people in the house, trying to hid and escape from this deadly woman. Well, that wasn’t their luck day, because now that The Anvilette had joined the fun there was no way any of them would go out of that house alive, with Jaguar’s abilities and her mind sensing power they would find one by one and kill all of them.

Stopping by the large kitchen, from where she had entered the house just moments before, Natalie looked around. Everything seemed normal (except for the body of the guy she killed when she arrived, but anway), but she knew there was someone there, and probably Jaguar could smell the fear. “I spy, I spy…” The blonde said, walking around and opening the cabinets. “No…” She opened another one. “No…” Now the thoughts were almost clear to her mind, she could feel the person, a girl, trying not to breathe. “Here!” She opened a cabinet, pulling the girl out by her hair. The girl screamed and tried to kick her, but the blonde held her.

"Tsc tsc… That’s not how you play it." She chueckled, putting the girl into a headlock. With her other hand she got one of her knives from her belt, showing it to the girl who cried and cried and begged. "You are not funny." She complained, holding the girl by her hair and throwing her head back. "Goodbye." And with that she slid her knife through the girl’s throat, a rain of blood pouring over the kitchen. She tossed the body down at Jaguar, looking at her. "One down, many to go."

dear cas,